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Laptops and Power (see DELL)
Most laptops are run on batteries, but they may also be run on adapters which charge the battery using mains electricity. Laptops usually have liquid crystal displays and use SO-DIMM (Small Outline DIMM) modules (rather than the larger DIMMs used in desktop computers)for their RAM. In addition to a built-in keyboard, they may utilize a touch pad (also known as a trackpad) or a pointing stick for input, though an external mouse or keyboard can usually be attached.

There are various types of laptops in the market. The popular types include:Cheap Laptops

Sub-notebooks or subnotebooks: Notebooks smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and weighing around 1 kg.
Desknotes (desktop/notebook): Notebooks weighing around 5 kg.
Desktop Replacements: Powerful laptops (often heavy) designed to compete with the computing power offered by a typical desktop.
Palmtops: Computers larger than PDAs but smaller than notebooks.


Laptop INFO has now been established for some 16 years and its experience and depth of knowledge is such that it has already built up a first class reputation within the industry and currently has Service Contracts with a number of blue chip Companies. As a Company Laptop INFOprides itself on offering a quick, friendly, reliable service covering most makes and models of Computer Systems, Hardware and accessory equipment together with programming and other software skills. Apple, Networks, P.C. builders, Bespoke software being just a few of our specialities and by being fairly young our will to win remains high and customer service and satisfaction is top of our list of priorities.

Our Engineers have the experience in diagnostics and repair on all makes of computers such as, Apple, Apricot, Compaq, Dell, Epson, HP, IBM, Wyse Etc., and in fact we build or adapt P.C.'s to customers requirements and specifications. We have recently been in the forefront of P.C. integration into Apple system networks, and Intranet multi-media solutions.


In the case of non-contract clients a reasonable hire charge is often available. As previously stated, we do have Contracts with many large Organisations, and they feel that it has been worthwhile to them in knowing that they can leave the headaches of the Computer equipment to someone else instead of having to find someone when that fatal time occurs,

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